The Show.

"10 REASONS WHY SHOW" is a popular People's Choice Awards Nominated Podcast focused on ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, TRENDING TECHNOLOGY, SPORTS, FUNNY ANIMALS, UFOs and ALIENS... specifically for you, the layman!

The Hosts.

Scott R. Tomasso

Scott hosts both "The Big Show" and "The Morning Show." He has more than 11 years in the entertainment industry (TV & Film) as a Development Exec, Executive Producer, Director and Producer for companies such as NBC, CBS, Hasbro, Syfy, Lionsgate, E! Entertainment, TVGN, Reelz Channel and more.


From Istanbul, Turkey, Sema has made a big name for herself in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She has more than a decade of experience as an Executive Producer, Producer, Talent Producer and Voice Over Director just to name a few. She co-hosts "The Big Show" and occasionally guests on "The Morning Show" with Scott.

Sam Libraty

Sam co-hosts on "The Big Show", and has nearly 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. Over the years, Sam has worked with and guided a number of companies including Discovery, True TV, NBC, CBS, MTV, Syfy, USA, HBO, Showtime, MGM and Paramount Pictures to name a few.

Chad Tomasso

Chad Tomasso

Chad hosts "The Sports Show" and has a strong opinion on everything. He frequently guest hosts on "The Big Show!" and appears alongside his twin brother Scott Tomasso in a number of comedic 10 Reasons Why Show videos.